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Welcome to PlasFreeGhana Limited your one stop shop where plastic waste done with class.Ghana has its fair share of the plastic pollution problem.we provide a double edged solution to the plastic waste menace.


One of the pressing needs of a recycler is the quality of waste and volume of materials required for recycling.

we work with waste pickers(called the hunters), 

schools,churches,communities,restaurants and households who are trained to identify the various types of plastics and how to ensure quality of the material is not compromised.


We believe we can contribute to reducing Ghana’s unemployment rate by engaging over 2000 women and less privileged people in our pool of plastic hunters (waste pickers) scheme and recycling services.


If there’s any work that is disrespected,disregarded,unrewarded,undermined yet very vital and crucial to our survival as human beings is waste workers.


come join the TeamPlasticPositive movement let’s celebrate,cheer and empower waste workers.


Together we change perception from waste to wealth!

Reach out and support our recycling services;


invite,fund,invest,donate,request for pickups and reward our quest.